Cover Story Media, Inc. Launches a New Brand and Website,


(Winston-Salem, NC, November 1, 2012) – Cover Story Media, Inc.SM is excited to announce the launch of a new website brand, Consumer Goods Analytics is dedicated to showcasing advanced analytics case studies, articles and best practices, to help consumer goods companies advance their analytics competency. The company aims to help consumer goods’ companies grow sales by educating them on how they can use the right analytical tools to better understand and grow their business more strategically.

“ will become an online destination for consumer goods companies who are seeking to take a deeper dive into their data to make smarter decisions that will ultimately grow sales,” states Santiago Restrepo, Founder and Brand Manager for Consumer Goods “We will share analytics case studies, best practices and tips to demonstrate how analytics can be used by experts in the consumer goods industry to increase sales and business,” says Restrepo.

Cover Story Media, an online publishing company with multiple consumer-driven, web-based brands, is adding Consumer Good Analytics to its portfolio to expand into the new and growing online analytics space and reach new online readers in an industry they do not currently participate. Each of Cover Story Media’s websites is an online community that specializes in a unique interest area - from technology and analytics to pets and earth-friendly living - providing resources, news and tips.

“We focus on creating original, high-quality content that our target audience is looking for,” says founder and CEO of Cover Story Media, Inc., Alex Schenker. “Our mission of providing unbiased, reader driven, and interactive content has paid off so far, and we hope will earn the trust of a new realm of readers in the consumer goods space to further expand our audience.”


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