About Us

If you are not doing these types of analytics, your competitors probably are!

You work at a consumer goods company or retailer, and want to grow sales by enhancing your capabilities for analytics? Want to be able to make better business decisions based on facts, not intuition?

ConsumerGoodsAnalytics.com is the best resource for you to get it done. We will showcase different case studies, including the “ingredients”, “recipe” and “detailed steps” so you can perform your analysis or hire someone to do it for you (if you don’t have the people or expertise in-house).

Not sure what data sets and vendors you need? ConsumerGoodsAnalytics.com will provide unbiased recommendations, so you can get started using analytics to grow your business immediately with the right tools from the start while minimizing your time spent doing research and listening to “sales pitches” from vendors.

Learn how to advance your analytics competency, embed it, manage it and grow it. Find answers to your data, vendor and partner headaches. And do it all in a way that's funengaging and actionable. We translate the geek talk to layman's terms. And for the analytic geeks, we give it to you in your own language.

ConsumerGoodsAnalytics.com is everything you've been looking for when it comes to a useful, no b.s., one-stop resource for identifying, implementing and embedding an analytics strategy in your company that creates actionable steps toward growing sales and profit.