Case Studies

How to Determine the Best New Product Launch Strategy Based on Target Consumer Profile

New Product Introduction AnalysisBackground: A consumer goods manufacturer or retailer is planning to introduce a new product. The product is a consumer electronics product, with the following characteristics: 

Designed for a Tech savvy consumer
A prestige brand name
An upscale product
 A  “Consumer Segmentation Schema” is leveraged to determine the potential of every store and place the product only in the stores where the correct consumer type for this product shops...

How to analyze a store test using advanced analytics techniques to identify similar stores, and uncover that the test was indeed very successful.

Background: A consumer goods manufacturer or retailer introduced a series of new premium SKUs in some stores to perform a retail test, in order to determine if those new SKUs increased the overall category performance. Some basic methodologies initially suggested that the test was not being successful. However, when the correct analytical approach was implemented, using a similar store concept, the test proved to be successful.

Future Case Studies:

Store Performance and Potential

Market Basket Analysis

Competitor Proximity Analysis

Sales Force Optimization

Retail Test Expansion

Shopping Mall Analytics

Store Assortment Optimization

New Product Introductions

Site Selection

Developing Store Demographic and Lifestyle Characteristics (Store Traits)


Underperforming and Overperforming Stores


.... and many more!!


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