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Wedding pie chartMany consumer goods products are sold in cases or multi-pack configurations. For example, a multi-pack of beer might be composed of a 6 or 12 pack  while a case of screws might come 12 or 100 packs per case. Analyzing performance across multiple package/case configurations and understanding the performance at the case/package level (wholesale selling product) and unit level (individual items inside), is challenging, but the Wedding Cake chart is a great way to understand and visualize this level of detail.

Bead necklace chartBenefits of Product Mix Analysis: This bead necklace chart provides detailed and actionable insights to better understand the mix of each of the brands/retailers (price distribution) for a specific product hierarchy (SKU in this case), what are the top performing SKUs (with more sales), and if their sales are decreasing or increasing.

How to Read: The x axis represents the price sold for each of the SKUs. The color represents the % change vs. the previous period. The bubble size represents the total POS sales for each SKU.

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