Best Customer Segmentation Provider

There are great customer segmentation services (commonly referred to by us data geeks as "consumer segmentation schemas") that deliver huge value to consumer goods and retail companies, if the correct methodologies are properly applied and embedded. When we started reviewing this category to find who is the best provider for you as a CPG company looking to grow sales via smarter analytics, we reviewed:

  • Mosaic
  • Claritas
  • Spectra
  • Acxiom PersonicX
  • Neustar ElementOne

Why Neustar ElementOne is the Best Customer Segmentation Provider

After reviewing the pros and cons of each provider, based on our experience having worked first-hand with them for years and considering feedback and input from their clients, we are pleased to announce that Neustar ElementOne is the winner for best customer segmentation provider.

The main characteristics that make Neustar ElementOne the winner are:

Neustar Offers More Segments

Neustar ElementOne has more segments (172) than almost triple that of most of their competitors (they have around 50-70). This allows for a more in-depth understanding and differentiation among the customer segments. The different segments can also be easily grouped into other segment-groups, based on the characteristics that make the most sense for the analysis at hand.

Cost of Living Can Be Used to Enhance Customer Segmentation Analysis

Neustar ElementOne includes cost of living as one of the key variables to create the different segments. Making $100K in year New York City is not the same as making the same money in a city that is not as expensive, and Neustar ElementOne accounts for that difference in their segmentation methodology. This makes their customer segmentation schema more precise and delivers higher lifts when the analytics are applied.

Neustar Toolbox Provides a One-Stop Shop for Customer Segmentation

The tool offered by Neustar ElementOne is best in class, and in our opinion, better than the ones being offered by their competitors because it offers the capabilities to do all the consumer profile analysis, geocoding, profile building, geospatial capabilities, implementation of analytics frameworks (Analyze Markets, Site Selection, Store scoring, among others) all within the same integrated tool.


Want to Learn More?

Contact Anthony Ciani at Neustar ElementOne directly to talk through your needs further and see if this is the right fit for you and your company. Anthony is the Senior Director of Information Services and he has years of experience in this area, so he can help you dig through your needs quickly and determine whether this segmentation schema can help you make better business decisions.