We Were Featured in November 2012 Consumer Goods Technology Magazine

Feature in Consumer Goods Technology's November 2012 Issue

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(Winston-Salem, NC, November 20, 2012) – ConsumerGoodsAnalytics.com is thrilled to have been featured in the November 2012 issue of Consumer Goods Technology magazine (CGT). The article, "From Push to Pull: Using Data Insights to Drive Retail Excellence" was written by Alliston Ackermkan and Alarice Padilla. It features an interview with Santiago Restrepo, the Founder and Brand Manager of CGA.

This article focuses on how to cull important insights from analytics to make more informed business decisions and investments, especially in regards to consumer goods products' retail performance. The landscape of market research is changing and big data is making way for the most effective business decision making in history.

Learn more by reading the attached PDF and stay tuned to our website for the latest tips and tools on creating smarter business decisions through more enhanced analytical and business intelligence systems to grow sales.

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