2013 Tableau Conference - Leveraging Data for Consumer Goods & Retail Analytics

September 12, 2013

Leveraging Tableau for Consumer Goods and Retail Analytics, Presented by ConsumerGoodsAnalytics.com at the 2013 Tableau Customer Conference in Washington D.C.

Leveraging Tableau for Consumer Goods and RetailThe 2013 Tableau Customer Conference was held in Washington D.C., from September 8-12, 2013, at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center. The conference was attended by 4,500 Tableau customers. There were close to 200 different sessions held during the conference that focused on tracks ranging from “hands-on training” and “Tableau Jedi Analytics Guru” to “customer success stories” and more.

How to Use Tableau for Consumer Goods and Retail Optimization

This session showcased the best of the best in consumer goods and retail analytics, presenting case studies that leverage Tableau to make decisions about determining which stores to target for campaigns, site selection and market basket analysis. Some advanced visualizations, specific to the consumer goods and retail industries, were also demonstrated.
Attendees learned state-of-the-art analysis methodologies and applications of Tableau for the consumer goods and retail industry. Thanks to Tableau, these methodologies can by implemented by any business user, without reliance on IT or developers. 

Video: Leveraging Tableau for Retail Analytics

To watch and listen to the Consumer Goods Analytics presentation from the 2013 Tableau conference, click on the video below.

Or watch the video just on the case study discussed there, click on the link below: